Home School Liaison

We are committed to ensuring you have up to date and regular means of communication with staff who are working with your child. We have a very effective Home School Diary system which provides parents and carers with a daily opportunity to note and record any important information or queries for staff to respond to.

Messages range from notes and information about forthcoming events, individual notes affecting your child and sharing any daily successes or concerns. Staff working with pupils in form groups, such as form tutors and support staff, check the yellow Home School books on a daily basis and involved Key Stage Leaders, where required, to respond to messages or concerns.

We also have a range of other ways that we communicate with home and can organise meetings in school or at home as required.

Letters home are sent via SIMS InTouch which is a very effective tool for sending relevant information home by email.  Paper copies can also be sent if required but we are working to try and be as environmentally friendly as possible. As we know most parents and carers prefer instant access to information via phones, tablets and computers, we are trying to reduce paper mail where possible.

Please make sure that you update the school with any change of contact details as we would not want any vital messages to be missed. Call the office to change your mobile 'phone number or email address.

We aim to keep in touch with parents and carers regularly and our friendly reception team will always be happy to relay messages or notify school of any specific issues.

Many parents and carers tell us that the yellow Home School Diary is an important and valued means of communication. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is any way you feel we can further improve our Home School liaison.