6 Outcomes


At Kingswode Hoe School, we have created a coherent, broad and balanced curriculum framework based on six key outcomes below in order to meet the needs of our individual pupils. Needs and targets are reviewed as part of the EHCP process, which pupils, parents and carers participate in to make decisions and set next steps for the coming year.

Accreditation, Resilience & independence, Employability, Health, lifestyle and wellbeing, Identity & Self Expression and Community & the wider world.

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Through the six outcomes, we aim to:

  • facilitate the development of our pupils as a whole person and as responsible citizens with a positive sense of self
  • prepare our pupils for adulthood, including independent living and employment wherever possible









Our curriculum is organised into separate subject areas from key stage three upwards. Based on the National Curriculum, it has been streamlined and supplemented based on the needs of our pupils.








The effectiveness of our curriculum is measured by the pupils’ progress towards clearly defined outcomes.
















References: SEND Code of Practice (2015), Education inspection framework (draft for consultation, January 2019)