Throughout the school we have a particularly strong sporting ethos. The school has a large tennis court area, a large playing field and a gymnasium. A range of sports is played through the school year, with equal emphasis on individual skills and team games. Kingswode Hoe School is a member of MESSA (Mid Essex Special Schools Association) and the school has a variety of trophies gained from taking part in these inter-schools competitions.


 Cross Country



Sports Leaders





MESSA Football Tournament

We were proud to host the recent MESSA football tournament at Kingswode Hoe and both the Junior and Senior teams excelled in their attitude, behaviour and conduct throughout the matches.

The Junior team triumphed and won the trophy and, after a tough series of games, the Senior team put in a fantastic performance although Endeavour were the overall winners in the end.

Previous Matches at Kingswode

Football Results

Kingswode Hoe v Marketfield


Senior Team: 5 - 1

Junior Team: 1 -3

Here are some of our pictures of the Kingswode Hoe School Junior team match vs Marketfield School.


Table Tennis Tournament



Fit to succeed

The Kingswode activity league


At Kingswode Hoe school we love keeping healthy and taking part in sports activities.

To promote this we enter all of our pupils into the Kingswode Activity League. Pupils gain activity points every time they take part in a sporting club at lunchtimes. The points are then added up and the winners win top sporting prizes.

In 2012 five of our pupils won tickets to go to the Olympics!!!

The beauty is you do not need to be great at sport, you just have to be involved.


Pupil comment: " Sport is really amazing and you will have fun".


PE at Kingswode Hoe School

The aim of the PE Department at Kingswode Hoe School is to promote students with the knowledge, values, skills, personal qualities, and enjoyment through the love of sport.


Department aims

·For all pupils to enjoy PE lessons and taking part in sport irrespective of their ability level

·Improve achievement in weekly PE lessons

·Increase participation in competitive school sport including clubs and school competitions

·Development of personal health and well-being tackling issues such as inactivity and childhood obesity

·Improved communication and leadership skills of all pupils


What sports do we offer in PE lessons

In Key Stage 1 we are promoting fun, fitness and a love of sport. Our aim is to teach all of the basic skills required to become a great sportsperson throughout your time at school. We like our primary pupils to enjoy all of the activities that our older pupils have access to, so nobody misses out on anything. The primary groups also have the addition of swimming at First Strokes swimming club. We like all of our pupils to achieve 25m before they make the jump to year 7.

In Key Stage 2 and 3 we offer all of the regular curriculum sports as well as the introduction of fencing, health and fitness, mountain biking, golf and lacrosse. We are committed to improving the communication and leadership skills of our pupils so we also run a young leaders unit in which the pupils teach each other!

In Key Stage 4 we offer a large range of different sporting opportunities. We cover all of the curriculum sports as well as offering fencing, health and fitness, mountain biking, golf and lacrosse. This diversity allows all pupils to find something they like and can be successful at. 


MESSA Sports

•We believe in competitive sport at Kingswode Hoe School and the MESSA sports competitions provide us with the perfect opportunity to achieve this. MESSA is a consortium of special needs schools who compete in 12 different sports throughout the school calendar. Pupils of all abilities are catered for and we love providing pupils who have never previously had the opportunity to take part in competitive sports to do so. To make the sports teams, pupils must attend the MESSA sports club, showing a dedication and willingness to succeed.


MESSA swimming competition

MESSA Swimming Competition

The MESSA Swimming Competition took place at Colchester Leisure World on Wednesday 11 January 2017. Five school took part in the competition this year, which added to the atmosphere as swimmers took to the water. The event tested all of the swimming disciplines including freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke, with many swimmers having to take part in two or three different events.

There were some outstanding performances from our swimmers this year especially from our new competitors Benedict from Year 8 and Ashleigh from Year 6. Market Field School were the current champions although we had won the title in 2015 and we were determined to try our best to wrestle the trophy back!

Out of the 24 races entered, we scored points in every single race. At the end of the individual races it was a three-way battle between Kingswode Hoe, Market field and Endeavour school. The relay race would determine the overall winner and we did not disappoint. With victory in the over 13’s boys relay and a respectable second place in the girls race, we clinched the victory. I would like to congratulate all of the swimmers that took part. They displayed fantastic effort, behaviour and respect throughout the day.

Sports Day 2016


We were so lucky with the weather on Sports Day!  It was a very hot day in June which saw our students participating in numerous track and field events.  With the temperatures rising and the sun scorching, the track was lit up by the students’ performances providing some great races. Our judges found them very hard to call!

A great effort from the staff and parents in both the tug of war and relays. We would like to thank all of the parents and carers who with the pupils made it such a great day.






An exciting new addition to our vibrant PE curriculum is the introduction of the "Bikeability" project.

What is Bikeability?

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. 



There are three Bikeability levels, with each level designed to help improve their cycling skills, no matter what they know already. Levels 1, 2 and 3 take pupils on a journey from the basics of balance and control, all the way through to planning and making a journey by themselves on busier roads.

Level 1  - During Level 1 Bikeability training, you learn to control and master your bike. The training takes place in an environment away from cars or traffic – usually in a playground or closed car park.

Level 2 - During Level 2 Bikeability training you will get out on the roads! Level 2 gives you a real cycling experience so that you are able to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school.

Level 3 - During Bikeability Level 3 training you will learn the skills to tackle a wider variety of traffic conditions than on Level 2. When you reach Level 3 standard you will be able to deal with all types of road conditions and more challenging traffic situations.

This will have a really positive impact for our students and build their skills, confidence, safety, cycling awareness and ability.

Kingswode Hoe would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous donations in helping this new venture begin.

Red Hill Trust

Hedley Foundation

Carmen Benevolent

Woodroffe Benton

The Wakeman Trust

David Solomon Trust

Rank Foundation

Augustine Trust

Colchester Catalyst

Suffolk Coastal Strut