History of the school

Kingswode Hoe was originally a special school based at East Stockwell Street infant school in 1906 for a class of 20 children. By 1934 it had 28 children of all ages and, when the infant school closed in 1953, it survived as a separate school. In 1958 it moved to Sussex Road and was renamed Kingswode Hoe School.


Kingswode Hoe School is a converted Victorian house (formerly known as Kingswood House 1888) set in beautiful grounds.


Compare an old and a more modern prospectus for Kingswode Hoe School below

Here is our 1987-88 School Prospectus. 

Please spare a few minutes to have a look at this much older one and see how the "digital age" has changed the style of documents like these. 

Please click below to view an old school prospectus