Primary Uniform

Primary (Reception to Year 6): Royal blue jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans with or without school logo. White or light blue shirts or polo tops. Dark grey or black trousers/skirts.

Year 7, 8 and 9 Uniform

Year 7 - 9: Navy blue jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans with or without school logo. White or light blue shirts or polo tops. Dark grey or black trousers/ skirts. No tracksuit trousers/jogging bottoms.

Year 10 and 11 Uniform

Year 10 & 11: Black jumpers, sweatshirts or cardigans with or without school logo. White shirts/ blouses, not polo shirts. Dark grey or black trousers/ skirts. No tracksuit trousers or jogging bottoms.


We expect pupils to arrive at school suitably dressed in school uniform. The following guide for parents is issued to cover particular points. Extreme fashion clothing or footwear is not considered suitable for school.

All clothing must be named.


"School Trends Uniform Update

Place your back to school uniform order at schooltrends.co.uk today to give us enough time to get your order to you before the first day back.  Please allow 21 days for delivery to your chosen address, eg. orders placed on Thursday 20th July 2017 for delivery on or before Thursday 10th August 2017.


Let your child try on their new uniform as soon as it arrives, then label with your child's name before putting it away ready for the new school year.  

School Trends, uniform that lasts the long term, not just one term..."

 Dress Code

At Kingswode Hoe we have a practical, co-ordinated and comfortable uniform with different coloured jumpers for each Key Stage. We also create opportunities for pupils to practise dressing appropriately for the work place as part of their work related studies and experiences in Year 10 and 11.


  • Shirts, blouses, polo shirts should have a collar and should not display inappropriate wording or logo (excluding the school logo)
  • Shirts should be tucked inside trousers/skirts.

  • Jeans, denim clothing and jogging bottoms are not allowed except for special occasions when permission will be granted in advance.

  • Shoes suitable (closed-in styles without high heels) for practical lessons and walking around the school.

  • Trainers should not usually be worn but, if they are, they must be plain black.

  • During cold weather pupils should have an outdoor coat for break times

  • School shorts are permitted during the summer provided they are of a plain, dark colour.

  • Jewellery should not be worn or brought to school. The wearing of make-up, including nail varnish, is not allowed.

  • Small studs (which should be removed for P.E.) may be worn in each ear but parents accept responsibility for any injuries. No more than 1 stud in each ear.

  • Nose studs, nose rings, eyebrow studs/rings, tongue studs, nipple rings or belly-button studs/rings or any other pierced body jewellery constitute a health and safety risk and are not permitted under any circumstances.

  • Personal effects and valuables are brought into school at parents' risk. (Mobile phones and other electronic items should not be brought into school but, where this is necessary, they MUST be handed into reception (switched off) on arrival and collected at the end of the day).

  • During certain activities long hair should be tied back as required by safety regulations.

  • Hair:  no extreme fashion cuts or dyes etc are permitted.


PLEASE NOTE: Chewing gum, aerosols of any kind, cigarettes, matches or lighters, alcohol, drugs, weapons, etc are strictly forbidden on school premises. Any pupil found with these items may be immediately excluded.


Parents can order uniform directly from School Trends by using the following link


Or print, complete & post the order form with payment to School Trends if they so wish. Please click the image below to download an order form.

If you do not have access to a computer Mrs Burrows in our school office is available to take orders over the telephone, 01206 576408.