News and Events

At Kingswode Hoe we have a busy programme of events, activities and highlights throughout the year. We have a very inclusive approach and are committed to ensuring all students have access to trips, opportunities and experiences to help develop a wide range of skills, in and outside the classroom.

Recently 8F visited Castle Methodist Church to show off their Spring art work. After that they went to Firstsite to view a range of different artwork that is currently being displayed.

Congratulations Mr Smith

Congratulations to Mr Smith for winning Special School Teacher of the Year at the recent Essex Teaching Awards. A fantastic achievement-well done Mr Smith.

German Language and Culture Day


Wednesday 25 January was a German language and culture day at Kingswode Hoe. The pupils had a wonderful time experiencing all things German.

They were allowed to dress up as characters from the Brothers Grimm tales and took part in some Brothers Grimm drama. The pupils also enjoyed a language session, learning the song ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ in German and tasting German sausages, cheese and bread.

Other activities were inspired from the German culture, such as building cars, folk art, designing cuckoo clocks and street football.

As you can see from the photos above, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Thank you to Waitrose for donating just over £600 to the school.

World Book Day Celebrations

World Book Day was on Thursday 2 March which gave Kingswode Hoe the opportunity to celebrate reading and encourage pupils to explore the pleasure of books. To mark the occasion, pupils were invited to draw a picture of their favourite book character and explain what they like about them. I received so many entries and whilst I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them all, there could only be six winners:

Jake, Melissa, Charlee, Ashleigh, Alexander and Oliver. 

Congratulations to these pupils and thank you to everyone that entered. I look forward to planning an even bigger celebration next year!

Miss E Parbury

MESSA Swimming Competition


The MESSA Swimming Competition took place at Colchester Leisure World on Wednesday 11 January. Five schools took part in the competition this year, which added to the atmosphere as swimmers took to the water. The event tested all of the swimming disciplines including freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke, with many swimmers having to take part in two or three different events. There were some outstanding performances from our swimmers this year especially from our new competitors Benedict from Year 8 and Ashleigh from Year 6.

Market Field School were the current champions although we had won the title in 2015 and we were determined to try our best to wrestle the trophy back! Out of the 24 races entered, we scored points in every single race. At the end of the individual races it was a three-way battle between Kingswode Hoe, Market Field and Endeavour School. The relay race would determine the overall winner and we didn’t disappoint. With victory in the over 13’s boys relay and a respectable second place in the girls race, we clinched the victory.

I would like to congratulate all of the swimmers that took part; they displayed fantastic effort, behaviour and respect throughout the day. The next competition is the MESSA Basketball taking place at Columbus School on February 10. Can Kingswode Hoe make it four wins out of four?



Oliver with a Twist

Well done to the pupils who were involved in Oliver with a Twist this week. It was a fantastic performance and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. A huge thank you to all staff, parents and carers for all their hard work and support of the pupils.

Feedback from the audience:

"The pupils were an absolute credit to the school. They clearly worked extremely hard to put together all aspects of the production. Just demonstrated what pupils can achieve when given the opportunity. Well done to everyone!"

"Fantastic to see kids involved in all aspects of the production and developing sophisticated skills. Marvellous show!"

"Roll out the red carpet. This was a truly a red carpet ***** performance! Everyone was great but year 10 actors stole the show with accurate and outstanding portrayals of their characters. Fagin and Bill Sykes were terrifyingly comical geniuses! GREAT!"

"The west end is calling for you all! We hope that the CD will be available and rolled out to those who can officially rate the show’s creative brilliance."


Feedback from pupils:

"The play was really fantastic."

"I think Tom and Maria and Sabrina were helpful. They helped us to learn the dance."

"I would like to say thank you to Miss Constantine for all the work she put into the play and every did great in the play."

"Well done for everyone who was involved. The day was amazing. This was the best performance since I have been at this school. Great job."

"I enjoyed the Christmas play. I wish I could do it again but sadly I can’t as I am leaving in June. I enjoyed the singing and the dancing to oom pah pah, oom pah pah. Well done everyone for going Oliver with a twist."

MESSA Cross Country Event


We were delighted to welcome back Reece to Kingswode Hoe recently. He came for a look around and to see some of his previous teachers. Arriving on his motorbike, Reece was proudly telling us all about his job as a mechanic in Braintree. Fantastic to see you doing so well Reece.

Wisteria by Noah

Congratulations to Noah for a wonderful art exhibition. Everyone has been very impressed with his fantastic work.



Fund raising for Children in Need

For Children in Need the school turned spotty! Through wearing spots, selling cakes, a pupil car wash and a sweets tombola as well as other activities we raised just over £470 for Children in Need. It was a fantastic day and we are pleased to be supporting such a wonderful cause.

 Work Taster

Year 10 had a work taster visit to B&Q in Braintree. Following the visit, we heard from their staff about our pupils.

"They all had some excellent questions. I wish them all the best for the future and who knows, maybe they have a career within B&Q. We really enjoy having the year 10s here."

Well done Year 10-you made Kingswode Hoe School proud.



Polish School Visit

Mrs Constantine & Mrs McMillan were delighted to have the opportunity to visit a school for children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Uśnice, Poland. The school is located in the north part of Poland 70 km from Gdańsk. More news about their visit to follow. 

Their school website is  http://www.soswusnice.szkolnastrona.pl





Remembrance Day 2016

All the staff were extremely proud of the way the pupils conducted themselves during the one minute silence on Remembrance day last week. The pupils spent day find out all about why we wear poppies and who we remember on the 5 November.
All the staff were extremely proud of the way the pupils conducted themselves during the one minute silence on Remembrance day last week. The pupils spent day find out all about why we wear poppies and who we remember on the 5 November.