Trinovantes Meeting Rooms

We have a range of rooms available for hire as part of our Trinovantes wing. As well as providing a space for your meeting, we can offer refreshments and a buffet lunch if required. Please see the documents on the right or email contactus@kingswodehoe.essex.sch.uk to find out more.

The Trinovantes are the first British tribe to be mentioned by a Roman author, appearing in Caesar’s account of his invasion of 54 BC. By this date they seem to have already been involved in a power struggle with the neighbouring tribes to the west who were to be forged into the kingdom of the Catuvellauni under Tasciovanus. This group shared the same ways of life and religious practices as the Catuvellauni and Cantiaci.


They used coins, cremated their dead, ate from plates and drank from cups. They became part of the large kingdom established by the rules of the Catuvellauni.


The king Cunobelinus essentially absorbed the two tribes into one larger kingdom and he, or his predecessors, established Colchester as the new royal site on the same model as St Albans. It was Colchester that became the target for the Roman Emperor Claudius’ invasion in AD 43.


After the Roman Conquest, the Trinovantes were restored as tribal entity in the form of a civitas (an administrative unit or county) within the new Roman Province. The capital of the civitas was the Roman city of Colchester, which was originally founded as colony for retired Roman Soldiers.